Sunday, September 29, 2013

HPAC Sponsored Youth Music Programs Looking for Students

In spring of 2013, the Advisory Council used donated funds from Riot Fest and a seed grant from Friends of the Park to buy instruments and other musical equipment for two youth music programs in Humboldt Park. The park now offers a beginner's class, for youth who are new to reading and performing music, and an intermediate class, for youth with some experience. Students in the intermediate class will be provided with an instrument (we have trumpets, trombones, drums, percussion, guitars and bass available) and will have the chance to learn a variety of musical styles. Our goal is to have a youth band that can perform at events in the park and around the city.

The programs are FREE, open to youth ages 13-18, and registration is open now. You can register online at the Park District webpage, or call the Humboldt Park fieldhouse at 312-742-7549. There is a flyer posted below, please share it or print it and post it, we need your help recruiting Humboldt Park's young, aspiring musicians.


  1. Are you looking for violinist???? My 13 years old daughter plays and owns her own Violin.

  2. What about violinist My 13 year old daughter plays and owns her own violin!