Friday, February 22, 2013

Youth Music and Band Programs at Humboldt Park

The Advisory Council is happy to announce that it is partnering with the Park District to help provide two new music instruction and performance classes at the Humboldt Park fieldhouse, beginning in the spring session (starting April 4). The beginning instructional class, for students ages 10 to 13, is titled "Music at Humboldt" and an intermediate class focused on performance, for students ages 14 to 17, is titled "Band at Humboldt." The Advisory Council is assisting the Park District with this program by providing funding for instruments and other materials needed for students. Both programs are provided free of charge.

Registration for the spring session will open on Monday, February 25th at 9 AM on the Park District's website. To see available Humboldt Park programs use the "location" drop down menu.

Please help us spread the word about this exciting new youth program!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Meeting this Thursday, 2/21

The HPAC's February meeting will be this Thursday, the 21st, at 6:30 PM in the Humboldt Park fieldhouse.

With the new Board members in place, we'll be looking ahead at our plans and priorities for the rest of the year. We hope you can join us.

January meeting minutes are below:

Maria Gordils, George Perez, Ramona Gordils, Freddy Molina, Juan Sandy, carlton Jones, Eliud Medina Jr., Yolanda Cruz, Mikey Sanchez, Jaime Cruz, Ray Rivera, Glenn Brettner, Morgan Tomaso, Richard Karwowski, Anna Rivera, Amy Vega, Nancy Diaz, Jose Figueroa, Ozden Esme, Andy Rodriguez, Jessie Sierra, Kurt Gippert, Maggie Martinez, Luis Diaz, Ruth Pena, Brian Hacker

Meeting called to order at 6:31 P.M. by President Ruth Pena. Attendees introduced themselves.

Minutes for the November 2012 meeting were approved with changes.

Maggie Martinez had no changes in the account balance to report.

Brian Hacker reported that he has attempted to contact the Friends of the Park to verify approval of the HPAC’s fiscal sponsorship application, but has not been able to reach them. He will continue to make efforts to reach them to get the application approved.

Ruth Pena made a motion to hear the Park Supervisor’s report earlier in the meeting, this was seconded by Glenn Brettner and approved by a majority vote. Jesus Perez announced that there are new winter programs, like yoga, fitness and Zumba. He distributed flyers. Ruth Pena requested that Jesus provide a list of the baseball scholarships that the HPAC offered to pay for.

Youth Band Program
·         Brian Hacker presented the HPAC’s proposal to provide funding and support for a new youth band program in the fieldhouse to be taught by instructor Willie Garcia. Since the November meeting, the Executive Board worked with Park staff – Cynthia Rosario, Jesus Perez and Willie Garcia – to cooperate on a description of the program. The program will be divided into two sections, one for beginners and another for intermediate students. Willie Garcia offered further explanation of the program. The eligible ages are from 13 to 17 years, and there will be a maximum of 21 students per class. It will be free and offered in the spring, fall and winter sessions. Members of the classes will be required to provide needed accessories for instruments and the HPAC will provide up to $10,000 to purchase the instruments and equipment necessary for both classes. A committee will need to be started to handle the acquisition of instruments and provide support to the program as it progresses.
·         There were questions from members regarding the details of the proposal and how it will be funded, which were addressed by Willie Garcia, Cynthia Rosario and members of the Executive Board.
·         Kurt Gippert commented that he felt the process for creating the program was exclusive because he was not included in meetings after Maggie Martinez suggested that he be on a music program committee. Cynthia Rosario said that he is still welcome to contribute to the program. Brian Hacker added that there is still a need for a committee to support the program and Kurt Gippert is welcome to be on it. Kurt Gippert responded that he intended to be on a committee to create the program and is no longer interested in being on it.
·         Amy Vega asked what the proposal would do if approved, and Brian Hacker clarified that it would commit up to $10,000 for the purchase of instruments listed in the proposal.
·         Discussion on the item was closed, Brian Hacker made a motion to approve the music program proposal as stated in the document distributed at the meeting, Ruth Pena seconded the motion and it was approved by a majority of members (15-1). Brian Hacker asked for volunteers for the music program committee. Ray Rivera and Ruth Pena offered to contribute some time.

Riot Fest Thank You Letter
·         Glenn Brettner presented a letter thanking Riot Fest staff for their donation to the HPAC, efforts to reach out to the community, and well-run operation of the festival. Morgan Tomaso recommended that he send a copy to the Alderman, as well

Ruth Pena read the election rules for elections. Nancy Diaz handed out ballots for all of the offices to eligible voting members.

·         Ruth Pena said that she can not run for President due to responsibilities at her job.  Amy Vega was nominated and seconded for President, and accepted the nomination. Amy Vega was elected President by 15 votes.
Vice President
·         Glenn Brettner and Ruth Pena were both nominated and seconded for Vice President and accepted their nominations. Ruth Pena was elected Vice President by 13 votes to Glenn Brettner’s seven.
·         Maggie Martinez was nominated and seconded for Treasurer, and she accepted the nomination. Maggie Martinez was elected Treasurer by 17 votes.
·         Brian Hacker was nominated and seconded for Secretary, and he accepted the nomination. Brian Hacker was elected Secretary by 19 votes.
Sergeant at Arms
·         Nancy Diaz was nominated and seconded for Sergeant at Arms, and she accepted the nomination. Nancy Diaz was elected by 18 votes.

Ruth Pena congratulated Amy Vega and said that it was an honor to serve the HPAC for the last year. Maggie Martinez discussed the need to have a planning retreat for fundraising and supporting other events and programs in the park. Members showed support for this event.

Maggie Martinez announced a wine and cheese networking event at Banco Popular on North Avenue on February 13th.  Amy Vega announced that there would be a women’s softball league at Mozart Park in the summer.

Ruth Pena made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m., it was seconded by Amy Vega and approved by a majority vote.