Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recap of Thursday's Meeting

The HPAC kicked off 2012 at our meeting last Thursday, here are some quick notes from the meeting:

  • Photos of damage to the park from the Chicago Cyclocross Cup race that took place in January were submitted by Park District staff to the Permitting and Landscape Departments for review. Members of the Permitting Department then came out to Humboldt Park to review this damage and decide on an appropriate course of action.
  • There was discussion on the pros and cons of the HPAC continuing to do its banking through the Parkways Foundation; a member of the Parkways Foundation will be invited to the next meeting for more information on this topic.
  • Earth Day clean up in the Park is April 21 and the participating organizations are looking for volunteers and sponsors. Send an email if you are interested.
  • Secretary Brian Hacker submitted a draft logo for the HPAC.
  • The movie, "Rookie of the Year" will be showing on Sunday, July 1 at Little Cubs Field.
  • Regional Supervisor Cynthia Rosaria confirmed that the roof of the fieldhouse had been patched in response to major leaks during rainstorms in the past few years.
  • A number of HPAC members had concerns over the maintenance of baseball fields and the amount of staff allocated by the Park District for this purpose. Regional Supervisor Cynthia Rosario responded that budget cutbacks by the Park District and an increased workload for maintenance workers have lead to less frequent maintenance in the past couple years.
  • Additional lighting to baseball fields is being planned with Park District staff currently talking to electricians about how it can be accomplished.
  • Members of the HPAC voiced concern over the possible privatization of Little Cubs Field and expressed the desire to start an action committee to oppose it.
The results of the elections are:
  • President - Ruth Pena
  • Vice President - Glenn Brettner
  • Treasurer - Maggie Martinez
  • Secretary - Brian Hacker
  • Sergeant at Arms - Nancy Diaz
Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 16th at 6:30 pm in the Humboldt Park fieldhouse. Check back in the week before for an update on the agenda.

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